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+ Specialized targeted lists with cross-file data enhancements;

+ Your lists enhanced with data from our files;

+ Low-cost NCOA mailing list move update/cleanup services;

-> Fast-Track list features

+ 250 million consumers
+ 180 million vehicle owners
+ Other brokered national lists
+ Low cost cross-file matchups
+ Free/quick list counts
+ Free customer account folders
+ Merge/purge, file enhancements
+ NCOA + de-duplication all lists
+ Vital for direct mail marketing/contact

Low costs

Quantity discounts

Highest quality work

Fast delivery

-> Fast-Track NCOA move update features

+ Enables best USPS automation rates;
+ USPS-required processing and reports; easy sign-up with USPS PAF;
+ Works with customers' existing data; no software to buy or install;
+ Same-day job turnaround for contract customers doing large-scale daily mailings;
+ Discount rates on contract jobs; fractional rates on large-volume files;
+ DBF, CSV, TXT file formats; personal + organizational names processed;
+ Customer account folders for small files; SFTP server folders for large files;
+ Merge/purge; data appends; other list cleanup/enhancements available;
+ Vital for all industries, businesses, and public agencies;

-> Pricing: lists and NCOA services

Fast-Track Listmail offers the best combination of price and service quality, for businesses, assocations and public agencies of all sizes. Click here to see our pricing and related job details.

-> Requesting counts and ordering

For specifying list segments for which you want counts, and for ordering lists, NCOA mailing list move updates, and other Fast-Track Listmail services, click here.

-> All about Fast-Track's custom-matched and specialized lists.

Fast-Track offers consumer lists with extensive household socio-economic data for all 50 US states and DC. We also offer complete lists of vehicle owners for selected US states. We cross-match data from these files to provide you a more useful list, along with other data enhancements. For more details click here.

-> Why you need NCOA mailing list move updates, and how Fast-Track processes them for you.

If your list has name, address, city, state and zip information in DBF, CSV or TXT format, it's ready for us to process, which works as follows:

Fast-Track Listmail contracts with USPS licensees for NCOAlink + ANKlink file matching as part of an overall process of mailing list move updating and other list cleanup services. "NCOAlink," "United States Postal Service," "USPS," "First-Class Mail," and "Standard Mail" are registered trademarks of the United States Postal Service. "NCOAlink," "LACS","DPV" and "CASS" are trademarks of the United States Postal Service.p>