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We are Fast-Track Listmail, a family-owned and operated Web-based business specializing in mailing list compiling, matching, and cross-file data enhancement; and USPS-mandated address CASS standardization and NCOAlink + ANKlink mailing list move update services.

Our business activities originated in the late 1970s as Harris Consultive Services, under which name we performed specialized technical services related to regional planning for various public agencies.

Late in 1981, we purchased one of the first of the original IBM-PC desktop computers. Before 1982 ended, we reformatted our business as Fast-Track Infoscanners, operating as an online information search and retrieval service performing specialized technical research for engineering firms in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

By 1984-1985, the focus of our business shifted to providing list management services and associated programming to a number of Wisconsin industries such as insurance, banks, credit unions and others with specially compiled mailing lists.

In 2000, recognizing the needs of many industries for relatively inexpensive USPS change of address tracking, we developed a software system that could interface with the USPS FastForward NCOA mailing list change of address system of that era. Early in 2001, we became a direct USPS licensee for these services.

In 2004, we undertook development of a completely new software interface in order to become one of the first USPS licensees of their new NCOAlink mailing list change of address system. Soon afterward, we programmed our own interface for the newly-introduced ANKlink ("Addressee Not Known") add-on to our NCOAlink interface, providing us a total of 48-months of address moves.

Presently, we access the USPS NCOAlink + ANKlink database by means of an annual unlimited services contracting with USPS-licensed service providers. Our value-added services in addition to providing customer access to these specialized move update services includes all list preparation services before and after the real-time web services move updates matching.

During all these years, from the mid 1980s to the present time, we have been working with specialized mailing lists for various markets. Presently, we have access to a national list of individuals and households which include all kinds of useful socioeconomic and related data, which we enhance by matching these list segments to other kinds of list data, such as vehicles owned or leased.

Having developed this website in 2004, we have expanded into a nationwide, web-based business with new list related products and services for use by a broad range of industries, governmental agencies, and organizations.

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