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Fast-Track specialized mailing lists

-> Fast-Track's file-matching process

Precise, thorough and relatively-inexpensive file matching is the heart of our list enhancement processing. Many other firms, large and small, sell mailing lists. Some of them also offer list enhancement services. Our own market research has shown us that what typically is offered amounts to expensive processing of lists that are not necessarily well matched. Our standards are higher than that, and our costs lower. Here's how we do it:

1) Based on customer selection criteria, we create geographically-designed basic lists, and a geographically-identical segment of the file from which the donor file (the one with the enhancement data) will be copied.

2) We run both list segments separately through the USPS combined CASS certification process for address standardization and the NCOA matching process to locate all change of addresses and eliminate those coded "ANK" (Addressee Not Known) and records indicated people who moved without forwarding addresses.

3) We index the donor list segment on multiple data fields.

4) We enhance the base file with selected data from the donor file.

5) We de-duplicate the enhanced base file so our customer can have two lists, one with all records, and the other slimmed down to one record per household.

And we do all this at comparatively low cost to our customers, unlike most other list sales firms, we write our own list management software programs for steps described above other than the actual USPS NCOA processing, for which we do the list setup and post-matching data processing.

-> Fast-Track consumer lists

Fast-Track offers consumer lists with extensive household socioeconomic data for all 50 US states plus Washington DC. These statewide files comprise some 37 data fields with the following selection data or cohort group codes:

1) Personal, contact and geographic data:

Parsed name; title; address fields; USPS postal automation codes;latitude and longitude; phone; time zone; birthdate; ethnic heritage; median years in school.

2) Domicile and socioeconomic information:

First in household; child present; multiple family dwelling unit; exact age; estimated age; estimated income; length of residence; address type; dwelling type; dweller type; property type; median home value; estimated wealth; marital status.

We can enhance these consumer files with vehicle owner/leasee information described below from US states for which such data is available. We can also match consumer data for a selected geographic area against numerous additional types of available data, such as home mortgage information, political preferences, etc.

We can also enhance customer files with data from either or both our consumer files and/or our vehicle owner files from states from which the latter are available.

-> Fast-Track vehicle owner lists

Fast-Track vehicle owner lists are available for some 26 US states, updated as indicated:
1. Monthly/quarterly data: CO, FL, ID, IA, KY, MD*, ME, MI, MS, NC, ND, NV, OH, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV, WY

2. Older data: AR, MN, MT, NE, UT, WA, WV.
3. Older data with new updates in progress: MD

Notes: Most statewide files are updated monthly, others are updated quarterly. As other states become available, we inform potential list purchasers interested in using such data from those states.

We can enhance vehicle files from the states indicated above, with information from our consumer files which cover all 50 US states and DC. We can also enhance either or both our customors' mailing lists.

We offer numerous kinds of specialized lists for insurance underwriters, financial institutions, automotive services and many other industries.

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