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List counts and ordering lists or NCOA services

-> List counts or list orders

Our consumer files and vehicle owner files are organized by state. Substate list segments typically are ordered for a group of zipcodes, and less frequently for groups of counties or or one or more cities. For ordering a list from one of our matched files, we supply you counts from whichever is to be the base file. Consumer files are all stored in-house on our own file server. Counts from these are quickest. Counts take longer from our vehicle owner files, which are in a remote-site computer system.

If your own list is to be used as the base for a consolidated and enhanced list, then tell us which of our files you want us to use to enhance your list. We can also enhance your list from both of our sets of statewide data.

To start the count process or to order a list, send us an email with the following details:

List Counts And/Or List Ordering Information

1) Your name; jobtitle: business/organization or agency name; address; city; state; zip; phone + extension; email address.

2) Is this request for list counts or a list order? (specify)

3) Please tell us briefly about the purposes you have in mind for the various list combinations we offer, so we can better advise you. If you already know exactly what kind of lists and list segments you want, answer questions 4-7 below.

4) Which file do you want for your base list? (the one to be enhanced with data from the other file)

5) For enhancements of your own list, which file do you want enhancement data pulled from. Or do you want data from both our files? (specify)

6) Select records by zipcode, county or state? (If counts involve a lengthy list of these, copy them to a .TXT file, one entry per line. Attach the .TXT file to the email you send us with the rest of the selection information.

7) Other selection criteria:
-- (vehicle owner file) vehicle year range, makes, models;
-- (consumer file) income, housing type, age group, etc).

To submit this information to us, send us email covering all the information described in this textbox, with an attached .TXT file as described above in item 5. Click here to bring up an email message form on your computer:

-> Ordering lists or NCOA services

For ordering a list from our counts, or for ordering NCOA services:

1) A free customer account folder must be set up for you so that you can access your data from our website; (see information below for free customer account folders)

2) We must invoice you for the job and arrange payment via credit/debit card or billing terms for contract customers.

Fast-Track's web services include a direct HTTP customer account folder system for files up to 3 MB. These account folders are maintained on our web server computer. For larger files, we maintain an SFTP/SSL server, which connect users to ancillary customer account folders installed on our office server computer. These two file uploading and downloading systems are maintained at no additional charge for the convenience of customers both for Fast-Track lists and NCOA mailing list move updates and other list services.

In order to uilize our web services, click on the link at the bottom of this paragraph, either to sign up for a new account or to sign in if you already have an account. We need the account information also for billing purposes. If you are using our Fast-Track NCOA mailing list move update services, we will register for you a USPS-mandated Processor Acknowledgment Form (PAF). Your account enables you to upload and download your data files to and from your folder each time you send us a job order.Sign in or create an account.

At the sign-in information screen, click on "Credit Card Form". For your security, we keep no credit/debit card account numbers and related information on our computer system. Instead, after you enter that information, it is sent to us as an email which we print and keep in a non-computerized file. If we are to do regular change of address update jobs for you, please provide us fresh payment card information whenever the account number, expiration date or other credit/debit account information changes.

-> Special instructions for ordering NCOA services

Make sure your list or lists include at least the following data fields (columns):

1a) personal name (either full name in fname +initial + lname format such as "John A Smith", or parsed names in separate fields or columns, but if you are sending us a file for enhancement from another file, the personal name must be parsed);

1b) (and/or) business, organization or agency name;

2) street address;

3) city;

4) state:

5) zip:

Your list may have other names for these data fields; but our datafield-mapping software can find the correct data fields when we set up your file for processing. All street addresses should be in a single data field,but if unit or suite information is in a separate field, we can concatenate that to the street address field. Our program also can simultaneously process personal and business or organizational names. These fields must be fully and correctly populated with data, or the matching process will not work correctly.You can leave other data fields where they are; they will pass into the output file. Our software can read in DBF (data base) or CSV (comma-separated values). We can also read system-delimited TXT files, for which you must supply us a file layout. We return finished files in both DBF and CSV format, and with special arrangements, we can return files in other formats such as TXT. If you send us files in CSV format which originated as Excel or Access files, make certain that all five of process-specific fields (name, street address, city, state and zip), are character data, rather than numeric data. This is especially important for zipcodes, some of which have a leading zero, which, if stripped off, renders the zipcode for that record meaningless.

If you are processing a number of small files each day, each with the same file format, you can assemble a number of small files into a single file, in order to save money on job setup and minimum file charges. Just make sure you have each record coded in order to identify its source file. We return all records, and we do not change the order of your records, so you will be able to resplit the file. The data in your original files must all be in similar format in order to combine such files.

Upload your file to our site, using our built-in uploading form. We do not require a separate job order for each job once you set up an account folder and have provided us credit/debit card information or other means of payment for our services.

You will receive an automated email indicating your job is complete. At that time, go into your account folder and download your finished file bundle with its job-related attachments.

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